Launching on Major Exchanges After the Presale

Meet the core team

Assembling our talented core team for the new project sets us on the path to success. With diverse expertise and shared passion, we will collaborate, innovate, and achieve extraordinary results together.

Udrea Angel

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Angel, equipped with financial markets expertise and a deep passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, recognizes a significant gap in the industry. Driven by determination and utilizing his extensive business skills, he is dedicated to securing the project's success.

Dochian Alexandru

Chief Technology Officer

As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Alexandru, with a background in software development and expertise in artificial intelligence, is a key leader driving the organization's technological vision. He oversees innovative solutions, directs research and development, and ensures seamless alignment between technology and business goals.

Balan Denis

Chief Operation Officer

As COO, Denis leverages expertise in web development and team coordination to oversee daily operations and drive efficiency. Serving as the founder's right-hand, he ensures seamless team collaboration and operational excellence.

Stan Lucian

Chief Marketing Officer

Lucian, renowned for his expertise in cryptocurrency education and adoption, has joined forces with his partners to pinpoint a significant opportunity within the industry. With unwavering determination and a wealth of knowledge in cryptocurrency, he pledges to dedicate all his efforts towards ensuring the success of the project.

People who take part in building the foundation of the EmporiumX project

Our team is full of experts in blockchain development, graphic design, marketing specialists, and other talented individuals who ensure the growth and success of the project.

EmporiumX is always seeking fresh talent in the cryptocurrency and Web3 space. If you believe you can contribute and want to be a part of our team to help us grow the project, don’t miss the chance to contact our support.